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hobbits100's Journal

Hobbits 100
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Welcome to hobbits100
the hobbit fanfic challenge community inspired by fanfic100!

Members of this community may "claim" certain hobbit characters, actors or pairings, and are then challenged to write a number of fics about their claim using a series of hobbity prompts.

Members may choose to write 10, 20, 50 or 100 fics. Membership is open to all, but please wait until your claim has been accepted before posting to the community.

Want to play? Great! Here's how:

Step One:

Please read all of the information here before claiming. Additional info can be found in our FAQ

You can claim your character or pairing HERE. Claims may be FP (fictional person, ie: hobbits from The Lord of the Rings) or RP (Real Person, ie: the actors who played the hobbits in the film version of The Lord of the Rings).

A "claim" may be a single character (for eg: Billy Boyd), a group of characters (for eg: Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin) or a pairing (for eg: Merry/Pippin). Pairings may be "het" or "slash" in orientation, and need only include one hobbit character. Pairings can be more than two people.

Multiple characters may be claimed as a group or as a pairing. For eg: "Dom/Elijah" as a pairing is different to "Dom and Elijah" as a group. If you claim as a pairing, all your stories must contain het or slash focussed on that pairing. Het or slash is optional with group claims.

Original and minor characters are ok, as long as they are a hobbit or paired with a hobbit or hobbit actor.

A maximum of four people may work on each claim at a time. BUT, they each must select a different number of fics to write. For eg: If one member claims Frodo Baggins for 100 fics, another writer who wishes to claim Frodo Baggins must choose 50, 20 or 10 fics as their challenge.

Please check the claims list to make sure your claim is not already taken.

You may make a maximum of 2 claims at a time. When you have finished one, you may make another.

Step Two:

Write your designated number of stories centred around the claim you've chosen. Each of the fics must fit into one of the prompts in the table below. You may use older fics that you have previously written if they fit the prompts.

One prompt per story. However, if you are writing a multi-chapter story, you may use one prompt per chapter. Just make sure you label each chapter with its prompt when you post.

There is no upper or lower fic length limit. Your fics do not have to be in "story" form. Write limericks! Scripts! Haikus! Anything goes.

There is no time limit to finish, and you may write them in any order. You and do not have to post all of your stories at once; it is encouraged that you post them here as you go. You may post the actual body of your fics here, or link or fake-cut from elsewhere. There is no restriction on where you can post the stories written for this challenge.

You may alter the plurality of the prompts provided. For eg: "Stars" can be used as "Star". Please make no other alterations. The prompts can be used in any context. "Ring", for example, does not have to be The One Ring. But of course it can be if you want!

Please post your fics with the following header:

for eg: Sam Gamgee
Any other characters or pairings in your story that are not stated in the claim
Rating: G, PG, PG-13, R or NC-17. You may use other rating systems, but please ensure it is clear what your rating implies
Word Count:
Author's Notes/warnings:
Please include clear warnings if your fic contains any of the following: rape or non-consensual sex, incest, heavy violence, extreme emotional trauma, mpreg. Failure to label fics correctly will result in a reminder from the mod, then if you do not alter your header, your fic may be deleted.

NO OFF-TOPIC POSTS PLEASE. This rule is without exception. You may only post to this community if you have an approved claim and are posting your challenge stories. Off-topic posts will be deleted ASAP.

Prompts are below. If you are writing 10 fics, please use prompts 1-10. If you are writing 20, use prompts 1-20. If you are writing 50, use prompts 1-50. Please stick to the designated prompts; do not select randomly from the chart. This is part of the challenge! If you are interested in the other prompts listed, then why not sign up for the full 100? ;)

Modified from fanfic100. Credit and thanks to fanfic100!
1.Food 2.Drink 3.Presents 4.Party 5.Feet
6.Curls 7.Ring 8.Hero 9.Enemy 10.Tales
11.Hurt 12.Healing 13.Quest 14.Gossip 15.Games
16.Yuletide 17.Spring 18.Winter 19.Autumn 20.Summer
21.Dream 22.Wish 23.Garden 24.Master 25.Servant
26.Cousins 27.Family 28.Friends 29.Lovers 30.Strangers
31.Choices 32.Animals 33.Together 34.Apart 35.New Beginnings
36.Breakfast 37.Elevenses 38.Lunch 39.Dinner 40.Tea
41.Strawberries 42.Apples 43.Potatoes 44.Hunger 45.Thirst
46.Water 47.Fire 48.Earth 49.Air 50.Library
51.Too much 52.Not Enough 53.Lost 54.Found 55.Family Tree
56.Ash 57.Smoke 58.Leaf 59.Flower 60.Camping
61.Sea 62.Magic 63.Fireworks 64.Yellow 65.Green
66.Inn 67.Market 68.Fair 69.Cloak 70.Candles
71.Light 72.Dark 73.Child 74.Birth 75.Passing
76.Sunrise 77.Sunset 78.Moon 79.Stars 80.Bubbles
81.Sight 82.Scent 83.Touch 84.Taste 85.Sound
86.Breath 87.Growth 88.Mushrooms 89.Ice 90.Bad Weather
91.Rope 92.Boats 93.Birthday 94.Dancing 95.Care

You can post this table to your lj and change the prompts to links to your story, in order to keep track of your progress. Simply copy and paste one of the codes below and slot in the links as you go.
For 100 fics:
For 50 fics:
For 20 fics:
For 10 fics:

This community contains material that may not be suitable for minors. Please do not join or watch this community unless you are over 18 years of age

If you have any questions, check out our FAQ. Or you can email me for further information.